2017 Service Learning Trip by Abby Thompson


I learned that there are so many more people in need than we think, and that everyone should be thankful for what they have. I also learned that volunteering is one of the most important things you can do, for not only the community and the people you're helping, but yourself. This experience has taught me so much.


The part I liked most was packing up rice meals for starving people in Haiti. We were in groups and all had a job to fill as many bags as we could, which then turned into boxes. There were a few other groups of volunteers there as well, and together we packed over 29,000 meals! What a great thing to do that takes just a fraction of your time.


We also took a tour of Sharing and Caring Hands. Sharing and Caring Hands was once a very small store front that a few homeless people could come in and get food, clothes, etc. Mary Jo, the owner of the store front, has now expanded Sharing and Caring Hands into a multi-million dollar company. Thousands of people come in everyday day to get three meals, clothes, blankets, dishes and much more.

Mary Jo is one of the most amazing and inspiring people I have ever met. As you would assume, Mary is living very comfortably, and probably wouldn't have to work anymore, yet she has come into work everyday since 1985, also raising 12 kids of her own.

Not only does she just come to work, she commits herself by washing the feet of the homeless, helping people with their problems through prayer, and her generous donations by providing two other shelters where families can live, and so much more.

I didn't have any complaints about this trip. I would almost like to do a bit more of working with the homeless, and things like that, but overall it was very enjoyable.

Abby Thompson

Chisholm High School

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